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Umm Gamar

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Umm Gamar is a long thin streak of reef lying on a north south axis, 90 minutes north of Hurghada. To the north and south are small plateaus in the 20m range. On the east side a vertical wall plunges into the silent blue beneath. It is most commonly dived on the south plateau (near the moorings) and the east wall. Umm Gamar means „Mother of the Moor“, possibly a reference to the crescent shaped wedge of island atop the reef.

Diving Conditions

Again, choppy on the way over, but protected once you get there. Current is not usually a problem. If there is any, you’ll find it on the southeast corner.

Dive Plan

Where the east edge of the plateau merges with the wall there are three coral towers. The first is hollow and round and filled with glassfish, as is the second who is taller and more sculpted in shape. The third has a large sandy cave at 27m. All three are richly swathed in purple soft corals and a swirling mist of glassfish. What more could you need.

Flora & Fauna

On the plateau you are sure to encounter napoleons, morays, cornetfish, batfish and schools of bannerfish. Whitetips cruise from time to time. In February / March mantas occasionally make an appearance and in September titan triggerfish are guarding their nests. On the coral towers the usual predators of glassfish can be located – stonefish, scorpionfish, humpback scorpions and lionfish.

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