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Turtle Bay

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Dive Site

Turtle Bay is called so because of its shape seen from the air. It is a very interesting and rich in life coral reef situated close to Fanous East. This dive site is perfect even during bad weather – it is hidden behind the reef.

Diving Conditions

The mooring is located on the southern part of the reef. Under the boat we find 10 m-12 m depths. We start our route in direction of the tunnel with the depth of 8 m leading into the lagoon. In the tunnel itself we find lots of hard corals, Stone Fish and Blue Spotted Rays. After leaving the tunnel we will take direction north. Inside the lagoon there are depths in range of 12 m, sandy bottom and beautiful collection of soft and hard corals which completely cover the reef. Should we wish to have a shorter dive we should stick to the lagoon but if air consumption allows, we can go towards the most northern point of the lagoon and ascent slowly to about 1.5 m and cross over to the other side of the wall. Descending again we will spot an arrow made out of dead corals and shells which will guide us to the same path to the lagoon on our way back. We head east keeping the reef on our right hand side and soon enough we shall encounter the entrance to another beautiful lagoon which we can visit. It is completely covered with hard corals; one can spend here long time as the place is shallow and visibility is great. On the way back we look for the arrow on the sandy bottom and follow it back towards the boat. After re-entering the lagoon watch your depth and dive profile.

Flora & Fauna

This dive site is mostly famous for its beautiful soft and hard corals, located in the lagoons. One can often spot here a Octopus, a Turtle, Stone or Scorpion Fish, Blue Spotted Ray and an Eagle Ray on the outer reef. Hidden in the holes one can find many Morey Eels.

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