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Non divers can also enjoy the underwater world

Snorkelling is the best introduction to coral reef watching if you would like to try scuba diving but have never tried swimming with mask, snorkel and fins before.

The Red Sea is unique for those who prefer to observe the marine life from the surface.

The coral reefs almost reach the surface, where the colours are much brighter and marine life is especially rich.Turtles and dolphins can be observed more often from the surface than while scuba diving.

For less demanding tourists we can offer snorkeling trips. Snorkeling could be just as fascinating because of the good visibility in the Red Sea. Having a guide diver guarantees visiting places where you can admire the greatest variety of marine life. It is much more relaxing. You are not required to carry heavy equipment, just a mask, fins and snorkel. You also don’t have to worry about friendly current, just enjoy

The snorkeling sites are the same as the scuba diving sites. Boat moorings are only a few metres away from the reef. The coral reef is less than a meter below the surface so no particular skills are necessary to see a lot. We do not provide any in-water guide but one of our diving guides will give you a full briefing for the specific snorkeling site, including what you can expect to see and safety procedures.

We have a great choice of snorkeling equipment for rental in different models, in all sizes, from young children to Extra Large, including wetsuits and life jackets.

Food and drink on board :

  • The meals will be cooked on board and are served as a tasty buffet.

Conservation :

  • Please don´t touch the coral and the fish. Don´t feed the fish.
  • The picking up and taking of souvenirs (Mussels, corals, snails, etc.) from the seabed is forbidden by law. Of course, it´s also good, if you don´t buy them in the Souvenir shops. It is understandable that no rubbish should be thrown in the sea

Improve your techniques

  • Snorkeling is not as demanding as diving. You don’t have to be experienced, attained training courses or buy expensive equipment to enjoy it. Although, it does require minimal information to avoid any problems in the water.
  • Check if the mask is suitable for your face, by putting it on your face breathing in the air, holding the air for few seconds. Adjust the straps to the size of your head.
  • When water is leaking into your mask push the top of the mask and blow out the air to remove the water.
  • When you want to dive deeper it is not necessary to take off your snorkel. Just go up to the surface, don’t breathe the air in but blow it out to remove water.
  • Objects under water are 33% bigger than on the surface.
  • It is much easier to wear fins in water by putting one leg on the other and putting the fin on
  • To swim with the least effort needed keep your legs straight and don’t make to many kicks with the fins.
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