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Small Giftun Drift

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75 minutes east of Hurghada opposite the small Giftun police station there is one dive that invokes more enthusiasm than any other. If is a drift along a gorgonian clad wall chat merges with an extensive plateau and drop-off. The plateau lies between 15 and 25 m and the wall apparently has no bottom.Sometimes choppy near the drop-in point but your boat will wait in the calm water of the moorings, close to the blue lagoon. Current is always from the north, but is unpredictable – sometimes mild, sometimes howling.

Dive Plan

Where you drop in depends on how good you are on air and how deep you intend to go. Opposite the two beaches is a safe bet. Opposite the tower is also possible. Put your right shoulder to the reef and head south. There are caves at 35 m and a tunnel leading from 40 to 45 (out of bounds for most dive centers). Where the plateau starts, you can continue following the drop-off but take care not to go too far or you’ll lose the main reef.

Flora & Fauna

On the plateau, napoleons and morays are guaranteed. This is because they have been fed in the past. Feeding marine life disrupts the natural ecosystem, please don’t do it. There are also many blue spotted rays, painted triggerfish and crocodilefish. On the drop-off are turtles, jackfish and early in the morning, a very good chance of sharks. In September, beware of titan triggerfish.

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