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Shaab Sabina

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Dive Site

Shaab Sabina means Reef if Sabina and it is located on the southern part of Big Giftun Island in a channel between the two Islands which belong to the Giftun National Park.

Dive Plan

Our boat will be moored up in half-lagoon, well protected from waves by ridge of the reef. There is from 5 to 10 m depth under the boat depending on exact location of the mooring line. We shall keep the reef on our left hand side diving in north eastern direction. Sometimes current can appear but it will not disturb us during further part of our dive. After a turn we swim above a sandy bottom keeping a little distance from the reef. After 50 m we will see fantastic coral formations which look like coral hills with valleys between them located sheer to the main reef. The entire route is really a variety of cruising among the hills. When returning to our boat the safest thing is to keep the main reef within the eye sight. This dive site can be visited also by drift dive when we jump to the water on its northern part and swim towards south keeping reef on our right hand side.

Flora & Fauna

The hills are densely covered with hard corals which are the shelter for small species. We will have a hance to see most beautiful Table and Brain Corals in Hurghada area. From the large species: Reef Shark, Barracudas or Eagle Ray can be spotted. This place is not maybe the richest on fish life but the beauty if corals and topography of this place makes it unforgettable and one of the best around here.

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