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Shaabruhr Umm Gamar

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Like Umm Gamar, which is 1km northerly, is Shaabruhr a narrow reef with a north-south axis. However it has no island or signal fire that the marks its position. That´s the reason for the three ships, which will now always find themselves under water. At the southernmost point are the remnants of an old Egyptian boat, which was used as connecting vehicle for the army on Shadwan Island. At a great depth is also a dive-safari boat, exactly the same as the famous Colona IV, which only sank a short time ago. Around the reef is a plateau between 15 and 30m depth. It is narrow and broad in the south and on the eastern side, and sandy in the west. On the north side a crest stretches over several hundred metres at 25-30m, Shaabruhr means simply narrow reef.

Diving Conditions

Shaabruhr offers less protection than Umm Gamar, but it is normally in order to moor there. On the eastern side quite strong currents can occur, but the mooring places are normally calm.

Dive Plan

Here there are two good dives. Either a drift dive along the east wall or the southern plateau with the wreck and the steep drop off behind it. Return at the shallow part of the reef with its innumerable small caves and overhangs and end the dive at the mushroom-shaped Erg.

Flora & Fauna

On the plateau morays, napoleons, large groupers and blue-spotted rays can frequently be seen. Along the steep drop off you can observe white-tipped reef sharks, mackerels and large tuna. This is the best place in Hurghada to look out for grey reef sharks (particularly in the afternoon).

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