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Shaab El Erg

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Dive Site

90 minutes to 2 hours north of Hurghada, depending upon the weather conditions and on where you start. It is a wide spread reef, in horseshoe form, with the open side towards the south. In the center of the horseshoe is a shallow lagoon, scattered over with Ergs (therefore its name). You can dive here at several different places, on the northern point, the eastern wall or at the south-west point (illustration), known as Gota Shaab el Erg. The latter is the most popular place. A small channel runs between the large Erg and the main reef, at the south and west side is a large sandy plateau with innumerable towers and coral heads.

Diving Conditions

On the the way out it can become somewhat rough, but when you´re there, you cannot find a better anchorage. Currents at Gota are usually gentle.

Dive Plan

Forget the main reef, you can easily spend one hour at Gota with its towers. Four very photogenic coral heads are in a southerly direction at 16 m (not on the illustration).

Flora & Fauna

Many dive guides have two things to say about Shaab el Erg - dolphins and mantas! Dolphins can be seen all year round in the lagoon, whereas to observe mantas at the northern point is dependable upon the time of year (February, March are the best months). On the plateau that surrounds Gota dragonsheads, groupers, snow-flaked morays, blue-spotted rays and many trigger fish can be found. From time to time under the table corals white-tipped reef sharks can be seen. In the sand bevel worms, pointed gyroscope snails and sea-tongues csn be found. Along the shallow reef nose-doctor fish, emperor fish, breams and snappers cavort.

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