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Safaga Tour

Discover the underwater world of the Red Sea and choose one of our Safari.

After arrival in Hurghada, you will be transferred to our boat in Hurghada, have dinner, and depart on the tour the next morning.

Possible stations on this trip:

  • Sha'ab Disha
  • Abu Haschisch
  • Sha'ab Markadi
  • Panorama Reef (Shark Point)
  • Panorama Reef (South Point)
  • Sha'ab Shear
  • Salem Express (Wreck Dive)
  • Abu Kifan
  • Sha'ab Claude
  • Umm Hal Hal
  • Hal Hal
  • Gamul Kebir
  • Gamul Soraya
  • Tobia Arba
  • Ras Abu Soma (Coral Garden)
  • Sharm el Naga
  • Small Giftun (Drift Dive)
  • Sha'ab Sabina

You will return in the afternoon (about 2 o'clock p.m.) to the harbor one (1) day before departure, and spent the last over night either on your boat or in your hotel. The next day you will be transferred either to the airport or your hotel.

ATTENTION: The tour description is merely our suggestion. Which diving places on tour are dived is determined by many factors including the wind and weather.

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