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Marsa Abu Galawa

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Marsa Abu Galawa is located to the north from Hurghada, nearby El Gouna. It consist of a sandy lagoon, little reef placed on the south from the lagoon and main reef placed on the northern side of the lagoon. The topography creates system of reefs perfectly protected from wind and waves making this place ideal for dives even with very bad weather conditions. The depths range from 5 m inside of lagoon to 30 m on the outside reef which makes it a perfect place for both beginners and advanced divers.

Dive Plan

Mooring is located inside of the lagoon. There are two different dive routes we can take: a) swim to the south alongside of a smaller reef which drops to the depth of 10 metres, pass by the old lobster cage and Garden Eels field, cross the plateau and get to the ridge with depths of 14 m. Make as circle and come back to the boat; b)get straight to the ridge of the plateau and swim alongside on depth of 16 m, then we turn back towards the reef diving above the plateau with its Garden Eels field, looking carefully also for some Stone and Scorpion Fish. Very interesting thing about this reef is that water inside of lagoon is often cooler by few degrees than on the outside. Very often some strange currents from the south to the north can take us from above of plateau, closer to the lagoon we can catch another one taking us straight inside the lagoon.

Flora & Fauna

Although this place is not reach is not reach in soft corals, it will give a shelter to millions of small species. Also Groupers and Sweepers are very often spotted here. On the Cleaning Station we can observe Shrimps cleaning mouths of bigger fish. There are any great hard corals creating amazing formations on the ridge, where we can spot very rare species. We can see here a huge Stone Fish, Scorpion Fish and Red Sea Walkman. There is also a great opportunity to observe lots of Garden Eels. It is worthy to look for Sand Rays and Feather tail Rays. Patient and careful divers may be rewarded with meeting with very rare Stargazer!

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