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Hamda is located in Giftun National Park on south-eastern side of Big Giftun island. It is a wall gently sloping down to the depths of 40 m and more. On the slope one can find two small plateaus, one at 15 and the other at 18 m creating the only sandy patches on the completely covered with corals wall.

Dive Plan

The boats are normally moored up about 20 m away from the wall of the reef and just under the boat one can expect the depth of about 30 m. There are many dive routes available depending on ones experience and needs. Just after descent we dive towards the main wall and keeping it on our left hand side we continue north-east admiring the beautiful reef stretching before our eyes. Often we might spot some Tunas or Reef Sharks passing in the blue. On a way back we slowly ascend and let the Basslets and Blue Fusiliers flood the scene completely as they are often seen at about 7 m here. Ideal south lighting conditions may give us a chance to take those wonderfully colourful underwater pictures, especially on small depths.

Flora & Fauna

As the wall is covered with many soft and hard corals, it gives shelter to many species of reef fishes. One can often find a Turtle here, an octopus, Stone and Scorpion Fish and huge Morey Eels. Small shark or a big Tuna may often be seen in the blue. Many times spotting a Whale Shark has been reported here. Hundreds of Sergeant Majors and Fusiliers create an unforgettable scenery, worth taking a picture of.

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