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Fanadir North

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Dive Site

Fanadir is one of the longest reefs of Hurghada. It is situated north of Hilton Plaza Hotel and stretches in almost a straight line towards the north. Fanadir itself is divided into two dive sites: Fanadir South and North. The northern part consists of 10 m high reef's wall, sandy plateau which is about 15 m wide by the mooring and narrows down reaching the depths of 40 m and over.

Diving Conditions

Navigation of this dive site is very simple: we begin our dive having the reef on the left hand side and heading, against the current, in the northern direction. Coming back with the current holding the reef on our right hand side. Initially we dive over a naked sandy plateau, but you could not be mistaking more! When observing carefully one can possibly see many inhabitants here among which we can find the rarest samples of Red Sea flora. The edge of the plateau falls down rapidly to 30 m and more but it does not offer much apart from some big Tunas or a small reef shark passing by from time to time. Some whip corals fill up the scene.

Flora & Fauna

You can often run into walking together Moth Fish, Stone Fish – especially during the mating period they give quite a show on the sandy bottom marching together! We can also see, in the sand on the edge of the plateau big Sand Rays or Feather tail Rays laying under a thin layer of the sand waiting for their victims. Gobies together with Partner Shrimp fill the entire bottom digging holes. Octopuses are often visiting this reef as well. One of the most interesting and incredible kinds of fish is the Red Sea Walkman, Stargazer or Frog Fish. Manta Ray is also from time to time passing by to check what is happening in the neighborhood. We can spend a safety stop directly by the reef – at the level of 5 m it is full of life, a special show is given by Basslets and a lot of Blue Fusiliers swimming the blue. Some big Tunas are to be seen and there are 2 resident Turtles happy to pose for some nice pictures.

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