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Erg Sabina

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Dive Site

Erg Sabina is a dive site located in Giftun National Park by the place called Shaab Sabina. It is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Hurghada. The erg here is surrounded by a sandy plateau, which stretches towards the north and ends at another but smaller erg.

Diving Conditions

Our bout will be fixed to the southern side f the erg. When we dive descending we shall head after directly towards the erg. When we dive around it we shall see many small coral blocks scattered around the sand plateau covered with soft and hard corals. The depths here will be around 10 m. When we reach the side of the erg we will be amazed with underwater beauty just before our eyes as the plateau stretches towards the north and is fully covered with many coral blocks. When we dive towards its end we soon encounter another, smaller but highly picturesque erg. We get back to the boat visiting the other side of the main erg.

Flora & Fauna

It is definitely one of the most photographed and full of life place. We have an opportunity to see all kinds of reef fishes, from small Basslets and Butterfly Fish to huge Moray Eels, Turtles and Eagle Rays. If we are lucky we might see even a Whale Shark whose appearing is always sensational. Huge and beautiful, soft and hard corals will certainly be a great temptation for amateurs of underwater photography.

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