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Ben El Gebel

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Dive Site

About 90 minutes from Hurghada between Giftun Soraya and Giftun Kebir is a narrow street. Along crescent of reef projects out into it from the north end of Giftun Soraya – this is Ben el Gebel (literally "between the mountains" in Arabic). It also goes by the names of Shaab Torta, Shaab Dorfa and Torfa el Shait. At the end of this crescent of reef are five ergs. This is your dive site. It’s about 90 minutes from Hurghada.

Dive Plan

Exit through a channel at 8 m. If you’re feeling lazy then go no further than the three closest ergs. There are some beautiful gorgonians on their north end. If you’re feeling athletic then head out to the furthest erg, it’s not dived much so it is full of fish and has some impressive overhangs veiled in glassfish. Be careful not to venture too far out into the strait, divers have been known to get lost and surface on neighboring "Goat Ben el Gable" or "Banana Reef" by mistake. It’s a long swim back.

Flora & Fauna

Painted triggerfish, putters, yellowspine tang, napoleons and one spot snapper populate the reef. On the far north side barracuda and occasionally whitetips and eagle rays wander through. Close to the reef are clownfish living in large groups in their anemones.

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