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Banana Reef

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Dive Site

Situated just off the end of Ben El Gubal near the middle of the Giftun Straight lies Banana reef. This dive site also has multiple names, Gotta Torfa El Shait, Gotta Ben El Gubal and Shaab Farasha. To some divers, it is "Y" shaped and others see it shaped more like a banana, hence it's name. Regardless of the name, this reef is surrounded by shallow water, maximum depth of 15 meters

Diving Conditions

Although this reef is sheltered, currents moving around this area can be strong. In extreme weather conditions the visibility can drop drastically due to the strong currents in shallow water. There are two mooring points to start a dive on either end of the reef. Close to the northwest point lies a very unique erg. A highlight on the northeast point are shallow caves. Either direction you go, avoid spending time on the southern side of the reef, go towards the outer reef. A fan shaped boulder located near the corner is inhibited by a colony of banner fish, lots of them! From this corner turn away from the main reef and go west. About 20 meters after starting west is a beautiful tall pinnacle blanketed in soft corals. Continue on another 20 meters to the erg. Photographers get your cameras ready, this erg is full of color and interesting marine life. On your way back, stop and enjoy the gorgonian clustered formation

Flora & Fauna

This area is most known for the extensive colonies of banner fish but other fish include emperor angelfish, puffers, unicorns and lots of small fish living in the pinnacle and gorgonian formation.

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